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Questions from collectible-cucumber.

1. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? 
I’m a buddhist. Can I stay in a Middle Way? :-p

2. When Mercury is retrograding, you feel..
a.) retrograded
b.) anxious
c.) What is retrograde?
d.) What is Mercury?
e.) what.
f.) *handing in a 5-page essay with extra two pages regarding the differences you feel during a full moon within the retrograding period*
g.) no. 
h.) Wondering if I were having a backward time-traveling trip?

3. Favorite kind of animal. Not a particular one you know. Think about a generic one of that kind. Now give it a personality and a back story. Tell us about it. 
Animal: Homo sapiens. Personality: Multiple personalities. Back story: Please refer to the History of Human Evolution.

4. What kind of footprint do you want to leave for the world? 
A kind of footprint that Neil Armstrong have left on the moon.

5. They say you own what can’t be lost in a shipwreck. What do you own? 
What do you want to own eventually? 
Refer to Anicca, Dukkha, and Anatta. Eventually, do we really own something?

6. If you could direct/produce/remake a music video for any song, what song would you choose? 
Let it Go.

7. My foot hurts from driving too much. What should I do? 
Please go for a foot massage.

8. What is considered a good day for you? 
A day with no incoming phone calls.

9. An afternoon nap or a coffee 
A cup of coffee often makes me sleepy, indeed!

10. a coffee or chocolate 
Caffè mocha

11. chocolate or a free giveaway joint. must be following me* *jk I don’t actually have a joint. Don’t follow me. 
In Thailand, I don’t think marijuana would be legalized in the near future. Even “kratom” is still on a debate.
So, chocolate.

Well, I cannot think about 11 more questions. Sorry that I just cannot follow the rules.





Plin, :-p
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